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How to Identify a Better Pizza


The classic Pepperoni Pizza

Americans expect more from their pizza these days, but only one restaurant in Northeast Ohio has delivered outstanding flavor for 30 years. 

It’s Lorenzo’s Pizzeria of Oberlin.


The Vegetable Deluxe Pizza

QUALITY.  What sets Lorenzo's pizza apart from the rest? The quality of ingredients, personally selected by Larry Cariglio, owner and pizza maker. Bite into a slice and you're on a taste trip around America and Italy for the best ingredients available.


Larry Cariglio (second from right) in Naples

TRADITION. Larry is driven by a passion for excellence and a respect for the time-honored techniques of authentic Italian pizza making. He continues to study his craft from top artisans in New York City, Los Angeles and Naples, Italy.

HEALTH. Most important, Lorenzo’s satisfies America’s growing appetite for healthy food. More than any other pizzeria in the region, Lorenzo’s serves a large variety of vegan and veggie pizzas, as well as gluten-free, whole wheat, soy-free and thin crusts

How to identify a better pizza? Just one word: Lorenzo’s. 

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Lorenzo's picked as "Best of Pizza" on Fox 8-Cleveland! Watch the video!



Health Blog

  • Lorenzo's Gluten-free Pizza Crust
  • What’s all the fuss about gluten-free?

    Many Americans are walking around with digestive disorders and an intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and malts. You’ll find gluten in everything, from beer and bread to even ketchup and ice cream, where it’s used as a thickening agent.

    There’s a wide spectrum of intolerance to gluten, from bloating and diarrhea to celiac disease, a digestive disorder in which there is chronic failure to digest food properly, preventing absorption of important nutrients. 

    A gluten-free diet can make it easier to digest food. And because gluten is often associated with high-carb diets, the gluten-free diet can be beneficial for diabetics.


    My husband Larry is like a scientist in Lorenzo’s kitchen. Read more

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